Velkommen til Poulsbo Yacht Club

I am honored to be helping to steer the ship this year as the Commodore of the Poulsbo Yacht Club.  Poulsbo Yacht Club is not just a clubhouse and a marina, although we do have both and they are wonderful facilities! What PYC really is, is an amazing, friendly, helpful group of people who are drawn together by something as simple and as complicated as boats!  We have all sorts and shapes and sizes of boats, and we can tell all kinds of stories about all of them!   We can find all kinds of expertise about boats, more suggestions than we want about boats, and always humor about boats.  But mostly we have fun with boats in beautiful Liberty Bay surrounded by the picturesque town of Poulsbo!

Poulsbo Yacht Club has been having fun with boats for more than 60 years now.  We have a wonderful Clubhouse with a busy schedule of monthly events, meetings, potlucks, boat talks, TGIF’s, steak frys, special dinners, and more.  We don’t need much of an excuse to come up with a reason to socialize so we can talk about boats!  We have a great marina to keep boats in which gives us another venue to talk about boats.  Sometimes it can take me quite awhile to walk down the dock, but I know if I have a question about most anything, someone on the dock will know the answer or more than one answer!  We have sailboats, powerboats, small boats and big boats.  We have those who stay in local waters, those who go up through Canada and Alaska and a few adventuresome sailors who have braved the oceans, and all have stories and information to share.

As John Rousmaniere said, “The goal is not to sail the boat, but rather to help the boat sail herself.”  And as Commodore that is what I get to do.  Our outstanding facilities are maintained by the volunteer efforts of the Club members.  Past Commodore Bob Lubowicki said it best when he said, “Our facilities are top notch due to the busy efforts of our volunteers who almost exclusively handle all operations of our club.”  We have numerous reciprocal privileges with other yacht clubs through the Pacific Northwest, Canada and beyond.  If you are interested in boating, if you are thinking about getting into boating, if you are an experienced boater, we would love to add you to our ship!  Contact our membership committee, come to visit and see how much fun we have around boats!

Be safe and enjoy the water!

Jeff Steel
Poulsbo Yacht Club
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