Boaters may stay here only if their yacht club has a current reciprocal agreement with PYC.
Poulsbo is a popular destination for many of our boating friends. Please help us to make everyone’s stay enjoyable by reading and abiding by our reciprocal policies.
  • All visiting yachts must register immediately upon arrival.
  • By registering you agree to abide by the rules and policies of the Poulsbo Yacht Club (PYC).
  • If you fail to comply with these rules and policies, you will be asked to leave PYC. The incident will be reported in writing to the commodore of your yacht club.
  • The 122’ of designated reciprocal dock is painted BLUE.  Map of Marina, including Reciprocal Dock.
  • The outside of the reciprocal dock is not available for moorage.
  • All slips in this marina are privately owned and are not to be used by visiting vessels.
  • Boaters may stay here only if their yacht club has a current reciprocal agreement with PYC.
  • All vessels must fly their club burgee.
  • All guests must have current membership identification(s) from their yacht clubs.
  • All vessels must have current insurance.
  • Reciprocal Moorage Fee of $5 for the first day and $.50/ft/day for up to three additional days.
  • One (1) 30 amp connection is included in the daily fee.  A $5 fee is also due for each additional 30 amp connection used.
  • Any boat using two (2) connections will yield one of those connections to any boat not having one.
  • You may register and pay using cash, check, or credit card. 
    • To register and pay by cash or check use the , PYC Reciprocal Moorage paper envelopes located in the kiosk at the end of the dock. 
      • Envelopes are under the lid in the kiosk.  Please fill out completely. Use the envelope portion to deposit the appropriate fee in the mailbox. Post the remaining portion somewhere on your vessel so that it can be easily seen from the dock.
    • To pay by credit card, use your phone to link to the online form using the QR code posted on the kiosk.
      • The Dockmaster will be notified when you register via QR code.
  • Reciprocal Moorage is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Duration of stay is limited to 96 hours (four days).
  • No more than two 96-hour stays are allowed within a calendar quarter.
  • Visits must be interrupted by a minimum of 48 hours (two days).
  • Gate key instructions are provided when you register. Please contact the dockmaster if there is an issue with gate keys.
  • The gate key allows guest access to the PYC Marina gate, restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities.
  • Please be considerate and take only one key per vessel.
  • Ice is available for $2 per bag at the clubhouse.
  • Dispose of all garbage in the dumpster located at the north end of the parking lot.
  • Pumpout facilities are located directly below the ramp and at the Port of Poulsbo.
  • The closest fuel is located at the Port of Poulsbo.  Call 360-779-3505, ext. 3 for hours of operation.
In consideration of PYC Marina residents, and other guests, please observe the following.
  • Use spring lines and allow room for other guest yachts by closing up on other vessels.
  • The “Rafting” of boats is prohibited.
  • BBQ’s are prohibited on PYC Marina docks.
  • No loud music or other intrusive disturbances at any time.
  • Skateboards, bicycles, mopeds, scooters, etc. are not to be ridden on the docks.
  • Auxiliary power units may only be used between 0800 and 2200 hours.
  • Running, water-skiing, diving, open fires and other potentially hazardous activities are prohibited.
  • Pet owners are responsible for their pets at all times.
  • Dogs must not be left unattended if barking is a problem.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and walked in the designated area or off of the PYC grounds.
  • Dog owners will clean up after their pets immediately.
  • Sanding, painting, varnishing and other maintenance activities are not allowed on the PYC Reciprocal Dock.
Guest’s mooring privileges are at the guest’s risk and neither the Poulsbo Yacht Club (PYC) nor its members shall be held liable for any loss or damage while guests are moored at PYC.  In the event of an emergency, PYC reserves the right to move or remove any vessel without liability to the PYC.
If you have a question, contact the Dockmaster at