Join your fellow PYC members for a weekend full of fun and activities at the Tacoma Yacht Club's annual Daffodil Festival.
Good food! Live music! Boat decorating! Cheer on our trivia team and parade entry!
REGISTER HERE with PYC to participate. You can come by boat, RV or car.  TYC moorage and RV registration closed but you can still drive down and enjoy the fun!  Register with PYC so we know you're coming and will share the club plans. 
  • TBD - we may do PYC appetizers at the boats but there is also a TYC beer and appetizer buffet (2:00-4:00 PM)
  • Dinner at Tacoma Yacht Club (TYC) and Yellowstone Theme Dance at the club 🎶
  • Breakfast: at the club, on your boat, in the town!
  • Morning: Want to help decorate the PYC parade boat?  Tour Tacoma?  Relax?
  • Afternoon: 'THE TOKEN PARADE' at 1:30pm. This is a pretty crazy tradition.  We will have a team of 5 club members who will be dressed up to parade around the Tacoma Yacht Club facility, then go inside and compete in a Jeopardy style trivia contest to win judges points that add to our overall weekend competition among the many Yacht Club contestants.  Not in that 5?  No worries as we need a HUGE fan club to get them ready, cheer them on, then we also go inside to watch the trivia contest and cheer crazy loud for our PYC contingent.  Come cheer on the PYC contingent in a crazy walking (not boat) parade up around the Yacht Club
  • Evening: Dinner - TBD We may organize a club potluck dinner or there is also a buffet dinner at TYC.
  • Live Band! - Head back to TYC for a live band and dancing Sat night 🎶
  • Meals OYO or at the TYC
  • Flag Ceremony Starts at 10am at the TYC waterside.  30 minute solemn ceremony.  
  • Boat Parade! Parade Begins at 11:30AM
  • Depart Tacoma late afternoon: Boats are most often unable to leave until after the full parade due to the moorage conditions.

 The basin crew will be ready to welcome visiting boaters beginning at noon on Thursday, April 13th.  If you are coming by boat, TYC will find moorage for you; however, they cannot always guarantee power, and the use of diesel generators is not permitted if they pose a carbon monoxide health risk to others.  Also, we cannot guarantee that you will have pet friendly access to shore so bringing pets to Daffodil is
discouraged. If you do bring pets, please be responsible in handling and cleanup. Please keep pets on a leash at all times.