Get or Renew Your Bartenders License Today!
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Meet new friends, see your new friends smile, keep the party going and earn 3 hours of valuable Work or Pay hours.
Getting your required MAST License can be done at home, with an online course. Complete in just a few hours. Licensing (including renewals) can be obtained for as low as  $8.99. Licenses are good for 5 years from the date of passing the online exam.  Renewing the license is the same process as obtaining your license - payment of the fee and completion of the online course and exam. 
Here are a few resources to get a WA State MAST License as required to server liquor at PYC.
Need to find your permit details with WA.Gov? MAST Permit Checker Click Here. If your license has expired, you must go through this process again.  There is no "renewal" process.
After you complete your training you will receive an official MAST License. After a couple of weeks, you’ll get it in the mail,  Click on this link, and upload your new license. You will then be contacted by Bar Manager Rich Dixson for training and added to the e-mail group for bartending needs.  You must go through training before serving at any events. More details on our Bartender's Corner Webpage!
Everyone appreciates our friendly member bartenders. Let’s keep the party going. Volunteer Today!